Against the Grain were formed in early 2003 as a result of a common interest in the music from the late 60s early 70s. Band members Bob Mozejko "Zyggy" ( vocals) & Steve Kerr (Guitar) have played in various bands together since 1967, notably the imfamous "KREED" one of East Anglia's most popular bands in thier day. Steve's wife Sally (vocals) is a clasically trained singer who loves singing rock. Tom Drake (Bass) the youngest member of the band is following in the steps of his Father John, legendary bass guitarist with such bands as "The Crawdads" & Overtime. Tom lays down some strong slappy bass rifs which add so much depth to the overall sound. Tess (Keyboards) one of the original instigators of the band, along with Sally,only recently started gigging seriously and has proved herself to be worthy of playing heavy rock along with the boys. Keeping the beat is Mark Langford, more of a "Keith Moon than a Ringo Starr" was inspired to pick up the sticks by watching bands like Kreed in the early 70's. Drummer with "The Guvnors" when they started. The band played thier debut gig at a private party thrown by local debutant Sally Mitchell to celebrate her 30th Birthday, where they went down an absolute storm, rocking the place till the rafters shook. They play a variety of covers from Free, The Stones, Meatloaf, Kinks etc