Big Nuthin' - Comic Cowbor

Big Nuthin' - recently.

Well hello everybody -
m'name's Big Nuthin',
A cool rockin'cowboy who's'a
huffin' and a puffin' about
the things that make me mad!
Like TV Stars and
rappers that are "bad"
Always going on about
the size of their willys
Well compared to me they're
just a bunch of sillys cos
when it comes to lovin'
I`m a whirlwind force
And if you don't believe me
just ask my horse..!
Cos he's seen me in action. Waddaya think I meant..?

Yeah I`m Big Nuthin', and do you know the one thing I hate?
I hate everythin' - that's the one thing I hate!

When asked if he likes the HARLEY-DAVIDSON Motorcycle he rides he says,

"Hell no I don't like HARLEY-DAVIDSON's... I just don't hate 'em as much as I hate everything else..!"

He especially hates doing gigs, but has been persuaded to appear this year at The Littleport Harley 2003 Show as compere on Friday 18th July.

Mainly because we said to him (in the words of Sinead O' Conner) "Nuthin' comperes to you"
Big with his cowgirls

"NUTHiN' comperes like BiG"